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    WTR-1 is constantly at the cutting edge of technology and, with the latest expertise, can guarantee you high-quality, reliable workmanship. Our specialists will support you from the early stages of planning through to the completion of all roofing work. Our service is always punctual, good value for money and professional.

  • We can help you in these areas:

    • Roof Estimates
    • Roof Inspections
    • Roof Repairs
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Roof Restoration
    • New Roofing Systems
    • New Construction Roofing
    • Green Roofing Solutions
    • Re-pointing of brickwork, hips & ridges
    • Slating & Tiling
    • Flat roofing
    • UPVc Bargeboards / Guttering / Facias / Soffits
    • Rough casting & cement rendering

    Would you like expert advice from our staff? Contact Us - we're always happy to help! We are also the only company approved installers of the new Versa flat roofing sealing system. For further information please click here to visit Versa's Website or alternatively click the Versa image to the right. Watertight Roofing is “full service” roofing company committed to customer satisfaction through quality workmanship and professional service. Free Roof Estimates! Watertight Roofing offers free roof estimates for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and New Construction roofing projects. Roof Measuring Our estimators will accurately measure your roof accounting for the following:

    • Roof Access – how accessible is your roof for safe loading and offloading of materials and debris.
    • Roof Layers – number and type of existing roofs.  Typically, no more than two layers are allowed.
    • Roof Substrate – structural surface of the roof deck, usually wood, concrete, or metal.
    • Roof Flashings – metal or liquid flashing used to waterproof penetrations, roof intersections, and perimeter areas.
    • Roof Equipment – assess rooftop equipment and make appropriate recommendations.
    • Roof Area – calculated total surface area of your roof including pitch and vertical surfaces.
    • Roof Performance – identify performance issues with current roof design and make appropriate recommendations.

    Roof Proposal  Our estimators will present options for roof work and roofing systems, answer any questions, and provide you with product information and samples.  Once a specified roof work or roof system has been determined our estimators will provide you with a detailed Roof Proposal outlining project scope, specifications, and pricing.  We always recommend getting three or more roof estimates from Qualified Roofing Contractors, bidding the same scope of work, “apples to apples” as we like to say. Contact Us to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our professional estimators today. Roof Inspections  Our Roof Inspections are a thorough, unbiased, expert assessment of your existing roofing or waterproofing system; including a Roof Inspection Report with pictures and detailed descriptions in an easy to read PDF format.  Our Roof Inspection will assess the overall condition of existing roofing or waterproofing system, but is focused on gaining an accurate assessment of the following: approximate life expectancy, installation issues, performance issues, and any necessary repairs, maintenance, or roof replacement.  If work is deemed necessary, a detailed proposal for recommended roof repairs or roof replacement will be provided with the Roof Inspection Report. We have extensive experience in all types of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and New Construction roofing and waterproofing systems, and will thoroughly inspect and assess the following:

    • Condition of all roofing materials.
    • Proper installation and use of materials.
    • Condition of flashings, roof drains, and roof-top equipment.
    • Roof performance issues.
    • Necessary repairs, maintenance, or replacement.

    Reasons to get an independent Roof Inspection:

    • “Peace of Mind” – Knowing your home or investment property is adequately protected.
    • Buying or Selling – Most general home inspections do not thoroughly cover the roof; therefore a “specialty” Roof Inspection is required.
    • Proactive Measures – Our Property and Asset Management clients utilize our Preventative Maintenance Programs which include an annual Roof Inspection/Report.
    • Insurance Claims – Typically for damages caused by wind, hail, fire or other unforeseen “Acts of God”.  Most of the roof damage we investigate was caused due to contractor negligence and improper installation.

    Roof Inspection Fees Our Roof Inspection fees are based upon: location of property, size, access, and difficulty of roof. Contact Us today to obtain a Roof Inspection Report.

    Roof Repairs Roof Repairs >> Watertight Roofing’s professionally trained estimators are able to detect the most elusive of leaks, and our installers are capable of repairing multiple types of roof systems.

    Roof Repairs vs Re-Roof >> Watertight Roofing will thoroughly inspect your roof and access whether its time for a complete re-roof or repairs are still a viable option.

    Roof Maintenance >> “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”!  Keeping your building’s roof healthy is the key to maintaining the life of the roof.

    Preventative Maintenance Programs >> Roof systems require inspection and periodic maintenance to achieve a long-term service life.  Most roof systems would double in terms of life expectancy and performance with a bi-annual maintenance program.  Watertight Roofing will design a custom preventative maintenance program to optimize your roofs performance, avoiding costly repairs.

    New Construction Roofing Watertight Roofing has worked with a core group of General Contractors, Custom Home Builders, and Commercial Builders for over a decade on New-Build or Renovation projects such as: home remodels, shopping centers, schools, churches, apartment complexes, tract homes, high-end custom homes, and Green Builds. We will work with your General Construction Company through the various stages of New Construction Roofing.  To ensure the roofing portion of your project is completed safely and successfully we follow a simple checklist prior to job start:

    • Establish effective lines of communication with your project managers and site managers.
    • Confirm actual build measurements are accurate to plan detail.
    • Designate staging, storage, roof traffic paths, and access to job site.
    • Trade-related Sequencing – The proper coordination of trades is necessary to ensure safety and prevent unnecessary roof damage.
    • Trade related roof penetrations and details are completed prior to installation of new roof.
    • Review and enforce EPA and OSHA Safety requirements.
    • Review and implement Manufacturer Requirements.
    • Prior to job start, come to clear agreement on how Changes to Scope or Change Orders will be addressed.

    Property Management Services Click Here to Request Service! Watertight Roofing specializes in servicing Property Management and Asset Management Groups. We offer a variety of Roofing Services to accommodate each buildings needs and budget.  We work closely with building managers to ensure roof issues are resolved as efficiently and accurately as possible. Protect your building and its tenants by implementing one of our detailed Roof Maintenance Programs. Avalon Roofing has seen what deferred roof maintenance can cause, trust us when we say “It pays to be proactive”. A consistent Annual Roof Maintenance Program is essential to successfully avoiding issues such as: emergency repairs, premature roof replacement, excessive roof repairs, interior damages (building & personal), tenant displacement, business interruption, and the ever popular issue of Mould. Our Annual Roof Maintenance Program includes but not limited to the following:

    1. Bi-Annual Roof Inspections
    2. Roof Performance Reports
    3. Roof Maintenance and Roof Repairs:
    • * All work to be completed by our professionally trained installers using appropriate materials.
    • * Roof Cleaning: removal/disposal of loose debris from roof deck, drains, gutters/downspouts.
    • * Seal and Paint pipe/vent flashings.
    • * Roof Repairs: repair specified leak areas (under 100sqft) using appropriate materials.
    • * Check and seal roof flashing components around: Skylights, Ducting, Perimeter Metal and other problem areas as necessary.

    Our Property Management Services and Roof Maintenance Programs are to designed to maintain and ensure a roofs performance, longevity, and reliability.  Resulting in piece of mind for Property Managers, Asset Managers, and Building Owners knowing that the chances of possible “Roofing Nightmares” have been mitigated.